Saturday, April 4, 2009

First SQLServerCentral Article

Whoo Hooo! I got my first article published by last week on writing KML files using the FOR XML clause.

You can check out the article here

This article stimulated some interesting feedback from readers and of course a few corrections, but it is really exciting to have an article published by such a notable publisher in this field.

One of the more interesting comments that I need to talk about is the one regarding letting the application do the work. My original approach was to let the application do the work and found the following. XML manipulation in C# is slow. Looping through RecordSets to build a StringBuilder object is faster, but error prone. Letting the database do this work turned out to be much faster and more reliable than I ever imagined.

However, there is a problem with performing a lot of math in the stored procedures to produce polygons and circles. The same algorithm used to create circles in C# does not work so well in TSQL, so in this case, the application should be responsible for polygon creation, but the base XML/KML should be created at the database first.

I want to thank the publishers and contributors at for their advice and encouragement.

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